More Fifty-cent Vocabulary Words


Here are some more tough vocabulary words. Match the terms below with their definitions. See the bottom of this post for the answers.

1. Dearth (pronounced: derth)
2. Frisson (pronounced: free SAW)
3. Furbelows (pronounced: FUR buh lohz)
4. Heterogeneous (pronounced: he tuh ruh JEE nee uhs)
5. Misogyny (pronounced: mi SAH juh nee)
6. Mordant (pronounced: MAWR dint) <
7. Profligate (pronounced: PRAH fluh git)
8. Rectitude (pronounced: REK tuh tood)
9. Sartorial (pronounced: sahr TAW ree uhl)
10. Tautology (pronounced: taw TAH luh jee)

A. Composed of unlike or unrelated parts; widely different
B. Extremely wasteful; recklessly extravagant
C. Caustic or sarcastic
D. Needless repetition of an idea in a different word, phrase or sentence
E. Pertaining to clothing or dress, especially men’s <
F. A shudder or tingle experienced from excitement, fear or pleasure
G. Correct conduct according to principles
H. Hatred of women, especially by a man
I. Showy, useless trim or ornamentation
J. A scarcity or lack

(Scroll the page so you can’t see the answers until you’re ready.)




Answers: 1J, 2F, 3I, 4A, 5H, 6C, 7B, 8G, 9E, 10D
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