A Pre-posting Checklist: Stop in the Name of Blogs!


Reviewing the following checklist before you submit each post can save you time and possibly embarrassment:

[ ] Have you run your spelling-check software?

[ ] Have you incorporated your keywords into your copy and headline?

[ ] Does your headline convey that your post contains content that benefits your readers?

[ ] Are there any words that might have questionable capitalization, punctuation or spelling? If so, look them up in a dictionary or The Chicago Manual of Style. Also, see our list of common word errors.

[ ] Does your post contain content that benefits your readers?

[ ] Have you written anything that might really offend someone (and therefore get you in trouble legally)?

[ ] Have you broken your text into paragraphs that aren’t too long?

Special note to WordPress users:

Don’t take copy from a Microsoft Word document and put it into your blog. Doing so can create code problems. If you have copy from a Word doc in a WordPress post or page, do the following: (1.) copy it into Notepad, (2.) delete it from the WordPress interface and then (3.) paste the copy from Notepad back into WordPress. This will remove the bad code.

Another great solution is to use free Windows Live Writer software to create your blog posts.

If you have any tasks you think should be added to this list, please leave a comment.

Clipboard photo by Danny de Bruyne

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