Fifty-cent Words: A Vocabulary Words Quiz

If you know the definitions for even half these vocabulary words, give yourself an A+.

Match the terms below with their definitions. See the bottom of this post for the answers.

1. Apercu (pronounced: a per SOO)
2. Concomitant (pronounced: kahn KAH muh tuhnt)
3. Habitué (pronounced: hu BI choo ay)
4. Lagniappe (pronounced: LAN yap)
5. Nabob (pronounced: NAY bob)
6. Paucity (pronounced: PAW suh tee)
7. Peregrinations (pronounced: pe ruh gri NAY shunz)
8. Raconteur (pronounced: ra kahn TER)
9. Tendentious (pronounced: ten DEN shuhs)
10. Verisimilitude (pronounced: ve ruh si MI luh tood)

A. An item given free to a customer with the purchase of another item
B. Journeys
C. A small amount or insufficiency
D. The appearance of being true or real
E. Having a definite tendency, bias or purpose
F. Accompanying; attendant
G. A person who excels at telling stories
H. A very rich or important person
I. A person who frequents a particular place
J. A quick impression or insight

(Scroll the page so you can’t see the answers until you’re ready.)




1J, 2F, 3I, 4A, 5H, 6C, 7B, 8G, 9E, 10D

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7 Responses to “Fifty-cent Words: A Vocabulary Words Quiz”

  1. Yay, I got 7 right. Remembering my days of studying the French language really helped here.

    I love your site and will subscribe. It’s a great topic for a blog. I have three blogs myself. Stop by and say hi.

  2. Windyridge, you did great on that. I wrote the darn quiz and sometimes even I forget the definitions. 😉

    I just visited your wool/knitting blog, left a comment and subscribed. I’ll check out your other blogs too!

  3. Learning new words is a sort of hobby for me…but managed only six from your “test” … that is not too good.
    I have started writing a blog on some (preferably long!) words, each post concentrating on a particular word since last month. You might want to check it out.
    Feels great to see others who are really interested in words!

  4. I checked out your blog. Fantastic! Thanks to a fellow word lover for a job well done.

  5. Ooh yay I got 6 correct!

  6. Holy cow! I got all 10 of these right. To be fair, I only knew 4 of them for sure, and educated-guessed the rest, but still… WOW!

  7. Good job, Jason. I’m not sure I could have done as well if I didn’t have the reference book the words came from!