Picasa Lets You Go Crazy With Photos and Clip Art

Picasa collageI don’t know about you, but it seems like no matter how organized I am about filing my free clip art and photos on my computer; the more of it I gather, the harder it is to find things. So I was thrilled when I discovered Picasa.

Why is it so cool? For starters, after you load the Picasa free software, it goes to work capturing every image on your hard drive. It doesn’t move your images; it simply records where they are and displays them in one scrolling window. So a photo I stored on my computer three years ago in a client’s folder and completely forgot suddenly became visible to me. I discovered image after image I didn’t even know was there. And because Picasa displays the folder name where the image is located, you can go right to it on your hard drive.

Picasa screen

Picasa displays all your images in one long, scrolling screen.

Once Picasa has located your photos, it allows you to organize them by deleting or dragging and dropping to another folder. And if you want to get fancy, there are a lot of options.

Picasa basic fixesWhen you click on an image, Picasa brings up an interface that lets you modify it in a number of ways. In addition to cropping, straightening, fixing red eye and more basic functions, it also has an effects screen that creates just about any look you want by just selecting the corresponding icon. You can modify your image to be black and white or sepia-tone, or you can change the focus, saturation and tint, put in a graded background and a lot more. This is a great feature for people who want to modify images but don’t have more complex and expensive image modification software.

Picasa also has another fun feature that creates custom-looking collages (see the top of this page), a contact sheet or a picture grid of all the images you select. Additionally, it has a multi-exposure feature that layers one image over another. This could come in handy when layering a logo or an image with text in it over a photograph or clip art.

And when you’re done playing with the images, just choose one of the buttons at the bottom of the screen to make a Web album, e-mail or upload an image to Blogger, order prints or export.

If you’re wondering why you can upload to Blogger and not WordPress, that’s because, like Blogger, Picasa is yet another property of the great Google empire. But if you’re angry at Google over AdSense or anything else, don’t let that stop you from trying this amazing free software. You won’t be sorry.

Click here to download Picasa.

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10 Responses to “Picasa Lets You Go Crazy With Photos and Clip Art”

  1. I, too, love Picasa. I’m always finding photos or clip art I’d totally forgotten about…or put in the wrong place. It’s great as a photo sharing site, too.


  2. Thanks for the zoom, JD!

    No matter how organized I am, those pesky photos somehow slip away and get misfiled. Now that I have Picasa, they can’t hide from me any more.

    And I hadn’t thought about it as a photo-sharing site. Good idea.

  3. sidharthvarma Says:

    Nice post. I have been using Picasa since a long time now and I believe that for a lay user like me, it’s all I need. Thanks for the great post.

  4. I’m glad you enjoy Picasa too. I have a lot of fun playing with it.

  5. chickenmomma Says:

    I do freelance photography and use Picasa all of the time. It is a wonderful free tool!
    Thanks for writing a favorable entry about it:)

  6. You’re welcome, chickenmomma. The fact that you use Picasa in your profession is a testament to how good it is.

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  8. I’ve actually never tried out Picasa (surprised now that I think about it). I’ll have to download it today and give it a shot. Sounds nice.

  9. Hi, Justin: I’ve found Picasa to be a fun time-waster and productivity tool rolled into one. I hope you enjoy it.

  10. Commenting usually isnt my thing, but ive spent an hour on the site, so thanks for the info