B2B homeThe WordPlay blog is a product of B2B Content Solutions, which specializes in Web content, newsletters, books and other forms of written communication. “B2B” as we call it around here, is owned by Carla Chadwick, who has been involved in one form of production or another since 1977.

After graduating from a comprehensive certificate course in graphic production in Los Angeles, Carla started her career as a technical illustrator in the aerospace industry, and then graduated to magazine design and art direction. But as she worked in the magazine business over the years, she found she was more interested in editorial than designing. So she dipped her toe into editorial waters, while concurrently developing her abilities as a fiction writer. Then, after about 13 years in the graphics field, her love of writing finally took over and she began doing it professionally.

At first, she had no clue what she was doing. Amazingly, people seemed to like her writing anyway. But Carla knew she had a lot to learn and made it her business to become educated about her new career. She embarked on an aggressive self-study course, which continues to this day. She now has a passion for sharing what she’s learned, as well as for elevating the art of writing whenever she can.

Carla Chadwick can be reached at carla @ b2bcontentsolutions . com

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