Fifty-cent Words: A Vocabulary Quiz


If you know the definitions for even half these words, give yourself an A+.

Match the terms below with their definitions. See the bottom of this post for the answers.



1. Apercu (pronounced: a per SOO)

2. Concomitant (pronounced: kahn KAH muh tuhnt)

3. Habitué (pronounced: hu BI choo ay)

4. Lagniappe (pronounced: LAN yap)

5. Nabob (pronounced: NAY bob)

6. Paucity (pronounced: PAW suh tee)

7. Peregrinations (pronounced: pe ruh gri NAY shunz)

8. Raconteur (pronounced: ra kahn TER)

9. Tendentious (pronounced: ten DEN shuhs)

10. Verisimilitude (pronounced: ve ruh si MI luh tood)


A. An item given free to a customer with the purchase of another item

B. Journeys

C. A small amount or insufficiency

D. The appearance of being true or real

E. Having a definite tendency, bias or purpose

F. Accompanying; attendant

G. A person who excels at telling stories

H. A very rich or important person

I. A person who frequents a particular place

J. A quick impression or insight

(Scroll the page so you can’t see the answers until you’re ready.)



Answers: 1J, 2F, 3I, 4A, 5H, 6C, 7B, 8G, 9E, 10D

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