Wordz We Misspell


Bloggers mess up sometimes, myself included. But some words just beg to be spelled wrong or otherwise abused. Here are some of them:

Common misspellings
(The bold words are spelled correctly.)

If precede is spelled with a “c” and means “to go before,” then why would supersede, which means “to take the place of,” be spelled with an “s”? I have no idea. They both indicate movement and would seem to be related.

This one has always bothered me. It’s not that the spelling doesn’t make sense, it does. It’s just that it looks funny to me. Other people must agree because it is often misspelled.

Don’t you just want to take out that extra “c”?

a lot
A lot of the time, you see this written as “alot,” which it’s not.

I’ve misspelled this with an “a” replacing the third “e” more times than I want to admit.

What a strange spelling to indicate something that’s on fire. This word seems more suited to a mythical forest creature than to indicate the hot nature of one of the planet’s basic elements.

I always have to look twice at this word to make sure I’m not confusing it with gouge.

You can blame this one on the people who lived in France about 400 years ago. We’ve had to live with that extra “i” ever since.

Not only does it have two pesky double consonants, but every time I spell it, I want to replace that last “e” with an “a.”

So many people pronounce this purs-er-veer-ance, it’s easy to think it has a third “r.”

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