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StyleGuideThis section is dedicated to tips about the nit-picky grammar and punctuation issues writers face every day. As usual, my source is the Chicago Manual of Style (CM0S). (I’m not nearly smart enough to make this stuff up by myself.) There are other style guides out there, but I feel the CMOS rules work well for a variety of applications.


Quotation Marks

(more guides coming soon)

Because the CMOS seeks to cover every contingency, it’s quite comprehensive. The tips in this section are in no way meant to replace the far-reaching advice offered by CMOS editors. Instead, my goal is to give people quick answers to the most common editorial questions. It also needs to be said that CMOS publishers are in no way responsible for my interpretations — right or wrong — of the rules they’ve established.

For a true education in editorial style, I recommend visiting the Chicago Manual of Style free online Q&A, which is searchable by subject. While you’re there, you can get a free 30-day trial of the full online version of the CMOS.

And if you’re interested in vintage art, as so many of our readers have indicated they are, visit for images from times gone by to accompany your writing.